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Welcome To The Reading Room! 




Ocean City Primary School Title I Reading Program

   To empower students to become more proficient, thoughtful, and motivated readers.   

Title I reading instruction is provided to students whom are not meeting grade level standards in the area of reading.  Placement in the K-3 Title I reading program is determined by student’s independent reading level, MAP assessment, and teacher recommendation.

During Title I reading instruction, students receive individualized and small group reading instruction on a daily basis. We focus on supporting students becoming strong independent readers while targeting instruction at their current levels and differentiating instruction to meet each student’s unique needs.

Guided reading, shared reading, interactive read alouds, close reading, one on-one conferences, strategy lessons, and word study (phonemic awareness, phonics, high frequency word acquisition) are the main methods of teaching utilized in this program to meet students’ reading needs.

Explicit instruction of reading skills and strategies is provided to students. These strategies are chosen based on student’s instructional levels in order to move them along a trajectory of learning.

Students are provided with books, reading logs, and instructional tools to allow for independent practice. 

We are committed to giving our children lots of time to be in the act of reading at school and at home. There is an abundance of research evidence which suggests that volume of reading is linked to attaining higher-order literacy proficiencies (Allington, 2012; Brozo et al, 2008, Cipielewski & Stanovich, 1992). Anderson, Wilson, and Fielding (1988) researched the relationship between the amount of reading done and reading achievement. They found that the amount of time reading was the best predictor of reading achievement, including a child’s growth as a reader.

Our Title I reading program also provides instructional reading support to parents and teachers as needed.






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